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CWM’s Dollar For Dollar™ Giving Pledge helps fund vital ministry projects around the globe, such as food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, homes for orphans, water for the thirsty and missionaries for the unreached. For every dollar of corporate profit we earn, we donate one dollar to vital ministries around the word.


By investing in corporations that are nurturing positive values and withholding investments from corporations actively contributing to the moral decline of our culture, we provide a powerful motivation for corporations to use their influence to encourage positive cultural values.


By investing with CWM, you help motivate corporations to be better global citizens. CWM’s commitment to Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) inspires transformation in companies to be positive influences in the world. By investing in companies whose practices align with biblical values and withholding investments from companies engaged in egregious business practices, we provide a strong motivation for positive change in the corporate world.


Even if we could meet all the physical needs of the world, neglecting to offer people the hope and redemption of Jesus would mean we have failed them and ourselves. CWM is committed to supporting the spread of Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness to a world in desperate need of both.

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