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Our Story

Our story at Christian Wealth Management is a story of God on the move. Through God’s calling, gracious provision, and continued favor, something wonderful is happening here.

Our founder, Robert Netzly, discovered Biblically Responsible Investing through prayer and deep thoughts about Christian stewardship. He believed that BRI was the key to making impactful, spiritual change in the world around him and left his previous Private Client Services position in the hopes of pursuing a path of hope and healing.

In April of 2011, Robert opened the doors to Christian Wealth Management’s first office in Hollister, California. In little more than six months, CWM’s message of Biblically Responsible Messaging had taken root and the firm soon found itself overwhelmed by the amount of incoming business. We found more like-minded advisors, advanced our mission, and developed the core leadership team.

As CWM continued to grow, we answered God’s calling and spun off various programs, including a nonprofit ministry that helps churches across the country with financial stewardship grants, our Dollar for Dollar™ Giving Pledge, our CWM Generosity Campaign, and “Inspire,” a powerful new investing platform equipping financial advisors all over the nation to utilize BRI.

We invite you to invest with us and find your place in this remarkable story. What change will you be a part of with the help of the CWM community and God’s grace?

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