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How do you invest with your values in mind?


We use programs that take all the public data of a company and identifies if it is involved in or making money off of things that could possibly go against biblical values. This often eye-opening process allows us to show our clients that they can be conscientious about the types of industries that they are investing and avoid ones that oppose biblical values.   

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Once clients discover what they have been investing in, they often seek change in their portfolios. We help by showing them BRI alternatives to their current investments, as well as look for ways to diversify their assets, and improve their over-all investment health. 

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When you invest BRI, you are also encouraging positive change in how businesses operate. Business follows money. If investors speak their values through their investments, it push companies to act in a way that the investors desire. We also have professionals, advisors and the like, that engage with companies, informing them about what BRI investors want and inviting them to operate in way in which they can be included in BRI portfolios. 

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